Royal Princess Mexico Cruise - Final Day

Hi Cruisers,
In this short video, we wrap up our vlog series on our Royal Princess Mexico Cruise. We start the day with a Princess Cruises specialty; Ultimate Balcony Breakfast. We tried the Ultimate Balcony dinner on this cruise, and loved it. We thought it would be a fun treat to try the Balcony Breakfast as well. Overall it was a pretty lazy sea day for us, but as you'll see in the video there were a number of cool highlights. I managed to get back to the Lotus Spa Enclave, and I'm really glad I did. It gave me something fun to look forward to after the depressing debarkation packing. And speaking of things to look forward to ... one of our new traditions is to book a specialty restaurant on our last night. This time around we booked the Crown Grill, and it was just as tasty and elegant as always. We finally get to see the fountain show. We kept missing it, so this time we really made it a priority. You'll get to see some of that fountain footage in this video. We'll close out the vlog with a look back at some of the things we think made this Royal Princess Medallion Class Mexican Riviera cruise special. Thank you so much for following along, and stay tuned for a food slide show, stateroom tour, and more videos about Royal Princess.

Watch our vlog from Puerto Vallarta, where we visit Las Caletas and enjoy the Princess Ultimate Balcony Dinner:

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DISCLOSURE: Special thanks to Princess Cruises for hosting our family on this Medallion Class cruise.

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