Simple Peach Crumble Recipe

It's summer time and, as always, I was looking for a simple and delicious dessert using a few ingredients and limited time in the oven. I have always liked a crumble recipe. I remember the way Grandma Ruth used to make them, but she always made apple crumble. Then it dawned on me, a simple peach crumble recipe. The perfect summer dessert.

Let face it. Nothing is nicer than peaches in season. I have this peach crumble recipe a try and the outcome was incredible.

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Video Chapters:

0:00 Introduction
0:24 Preparing the peaches
1:27 Making the crumble
2:25 Adding the crumble to the peaches
2:35 Baking the peach crumble
2:53 Removing the crumble from the oven
3:00 The outcome
3:50 The taste test
3:55 The taste test
4:28 Conclusion

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