SAMOA: Scenic ferry trip ⛴️, island of UPOLU to island of SAVAII - Pacific Ocean

SUBSCRIBE ► - Samoa, ferry trip from island of Upolu to island of Savaii. Let's travel to the beautiful island country of Samoa (or, Western Samoa) and let's take the ferry from the main island of Upolu to the volcanic (and the largest of the Samoan islands) of Savai'i.
The ferry service between Mulifanua Wharf (Upolu) and Salelologa Wharf (Savaii) operates daily, and travelling time between these islands is an hour and 15 minutes. Schedules are released only a month or two in advance, but generally stays the same throughout the year.
Upolu is an island in Samoa, formed by a massive basaltic shield volcano which rises from the seafloor of the western Pacific Ocean. The island is 75 kilometres long and 1,125 square kilometres in area, making it the second largest of the Samoan Islands geographically.
Savai’i is the largest island in the South Pacific nation of Samoa. Near Salelologa township, in the southeast, the Afu Aau Falls plunge down a rock face to a deep rainforest pool. Nearby, Pulemelei Mound is an ancient pyramid-like structure of basalt stones. In the southwest, the Alofaaga Blowholes shoot huge jets of water into the air.
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