UKRAINE: Independence Monument

SUBSCRIBE: - Let's visit the Independence Monument which is a victory column located on Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) in Kiev and is commemorated to the Independence of Ukraine. Stylistically it presents a mix of Ukrainian Baroque and Empire style. The monument was built in a compositional center of the square to the 10th Anniversary of the independence of Ukraine in 2001. The monument itself is a column with a figurine of a woman (Berehynia) with guelder-rose branch in her arms. The height of the monument is 61 m (200 ft).
As a model of the Berehynia statue, the author Anatoliy Kushch chose his daughter, American artist Christina Katrakis. The statue is made of a cast bronze and weighs about 20 tons. The column is faced with white Italian marble that stands on a pedestal in the form of a Christian temple of Ukrainian Baroque. During the 2013 Euromaidan events, riot police inhumanely used force against students that drove mass demonstrations the very next day.
Kiev is the capital city of Ukraine, bisected by the Dnieper River and known for its religious architecture, secular monuments and history museums. The 11th-century Kiev Pechersk Lavra is a monastery and pilgrimage site encompassing several gold-domed churches. It's known for its catacombs lined with the burial chambers of Orthodox monks, and a collection of gold objects from ancient Scythian times.

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