SUBSCRIBE ► - Manase Beach, Island of Savaii, Samoa - the beach huts, beach fales of Manase Beach. Let's travel to the fascinating island country of Samoa in the Pacific Ocean and let's visit the largest of the Samoan islands, the island of Savai'i (or Savaii). We are going to visit Manase which is a village on the north coast of Savai'i island. It is situated by the sea with a white sandy beach, Manase has become a popular tourist destination since the 1990s with low budget and locally owned beach fale accommodation.
A beach fale is a simple thatched hut in Samoa. Beach fales are also common in other parts of Polynesia. They have become popular in tourism as a low budget accommodation situated by the coast, built with a few posts, no walls and a thatched roof with a round or oval shape.
We are going to visit several of these beach fales, go inside and examine what they look like.
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