Northern ARGENTINE FOOD: Empanadas, Humitas + Tamales

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Today's video is all about the food - particularly northern argentine food! What do you do when you get a day of non-stop rain in Buenos Aires? Why, you have a foodie day and go restaurant-hopping of course!

In this episode, we'll start the morning off with breakfast at Las Violetas. This is one of the many historic cafes you can find in Buenos Aires and it feels like a slice of Europe with its stained-glass windows, curved glass doors, towering columns and Italian marble floors. And just wait until you see their baked goods! We ordered 'medialunas dulces' which are sweet glazed croissants and 'facturas' which are assorted pastries.

Then for lunch, we decided to try some northern argentine food. Our host had recommended a place called Rincon NorteƱo, which means Northern Corner, so we walked over there and ordered an assortment of various empanadas, humitas and tamales. We got empanadas with meat and raisins, spicy chicken, blue cheese, mozzarella and basil, you name it.

You'd think that would've been enough food for the day, but we kept going because this is Buenos Aires! Later that afternoon we visited Cafe Tortoni, another historic cafe in the city where artists and great thinkers once gathered. Setting foot in here is as close as it gets to time travel and the food is pretty good too. Since it was mid-afternoon, also known as 'merienda' or tea time, we ordered some coffees, hot chocolate with churros, and alfajores. It was a nice way to get out of the rain and really a fun place to visit anytime you're in the city.

We hope you enjoy this foodie day with us in Buenos Aires, and we'll see you soon with another episode!

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Northern ARGENTINE FOOD: Empanadas, Humitas + Tamales
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