Join us for a Canadian breakfast (lumberjack style) outside in the snow as we brave -20C winter weather in Canada. Something we've learned to do over the years, when we're back home in Canada during the long winter months, is embrace the cold weather and snow. If you're not doing something fun like snowshoeing, skiing or skating more often than not you're complaining about how cold and slippery it is outside. With this in mind we decided to cook a massive breakfast outside on the grill with our cast iron cooking set of frying pans. Our breakfast in Canada menu included the following items:

1) Breakfast sausages
2) Maple Beans
3) Hashbrowns
4) Bacon
5) Ham
6) Mini burgers
7) Pancakes with Maple Syrup
8) Maple Rum

We have Audrey's Dad Daniel to thank for doing most of the cooking as he braved -20 temperatures outside cooking without gloves! After preparing everything it felt amazing to sit down and tuck into such an enormous spread of breakfast food items. We normally don't eat anything this substantial for breakfast; however, a traditional lumberjack or logger's breakfast would offer such high calorie items given the demands of working outside doing heavy duty labour all day long.

With the amount of food we ate this was definitely a brunch not just a breakfast. If you're looking to have an authentic Canadian breakfast our most recommended item would be maple syrup. Let us know in the comments below if you enjoy massive breakfasts or brunches like this one? What breakfast foods do you eat on a day to day basis? Also, if you have any other suggestions for breakfast ideas you'd like to see us try making at home be sure to let us know.

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