LUNENBURG TRAVEL GUIDE | 18 Things to do in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada

Come join us for our Lunenburg travel guide as we cover 18 things to do in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada. Hey guys, Samuel and Audrey here, and today we’re showing you around the historic port town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. This was the first stop of our road trip along Nova Scotia’s South Shore, and I don’t think we could’ve chosen a more picturesque spot!

In this video we’ll go on a harbour tour for the best views of Lunenburg, we’ll learn about the town’s fishing heritage with a visit to the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic, we’ll stumble upon a chandlery overflowing with trinkets and treasures, we’ll sip on maple rum and fruity liqueurs in Nova Scotia’s first micro-distillery, we’ll admire the buildings in the old town which are painted in the most cheerful of colours, and a whole lot more!

So join us as we share some of the best things to do in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia! The following is our Lunenburg travel guide.

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