KAZAKHSTAN: World's tallest wooden Cathedral ⛪, ZENKOV CATHEDRAL in Almaty

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SUBSCRIBE ► http://shorturl.at/etK26 - Let's visit the magnificent Ascension Cathedral (also known as Zenkov Cathedral) which is a Russian Orthodox cathedral located in Panfilov Park in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Completed in 1907, the cathedral is made out of wood but without nails. Its height is 56 meters tall, and is claimed to be the second tallest wooden building in the world. Construction took place between 1904 and 1907.
The belfry was erected on September 14, 1906. The cathedral survived the 1911 earthquake with minimal damage, even though it was built without any nails, which some bishops attributed to divine intervention, although some credit might also be given to the advanced anti-earthquake techniques invented or employed by the architect, Andrei Pavlovich Zenkov.
Kazakhstan, a Central Asian country and former Soviet republic, extends from the Caspian Sea in the west to the Altai Mountains at its eastern border with China and Russia. Its largest metropolis, Almaty, is a long-standing trading hub whose landmarks include Ascension Cathedral, a tsarist-era Russian Orthodox church, and the Central State Museum of Kazakhstan, displaying thousands of Kazakh artifacts.

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