Trying CHILEAN DISHES (Salmon Ceviche & Corn Pie

It was our first day in Puerto Natales, so we had to try some Chilean dishes and go out and explore the town!

We started the morning with a visit to The Coffee Maker, which is a really cool coffee shop located inside the Kau Lodge. Here we enjoyed a tasty brunch featuring cappuccinos, carrot cake with a lemon glaze, cornstarch alfajor, and salmon sandwich. Once we were well fed and bundled up, it was time to explore! We enjoyed a leisurely stroll along the waterfront which has plenty of landmarks to keep you busy. Here we came across the historic pier, the monument to the hand, the mylodon statue, the town sign and the monument to the wind - lots of cool sculptures in a very small stretch!

We spent the rest of the morning organizing some excursions, so keep an eye out for some prehistoric caves and a visit to Torres del Paine National Park in the next episode!

For dinner that evening, we decided to try some classic Chilean dishes. We had dinner at Espacio Ñandú, which is a super interesting space combining a restaurant with a souvenir shop. Sam ordered the chilean ceviche which is traditionally prepared with salmon. Meanwhile, I got the corn pie which was served bubbling hot in a cast-iron bowl with beef, chicken and a hard-boiled egg. It was a delicious meal and a great introduction to Chilean food.

That's what we got up to on our first day in Puerto Natales. It was pretty relaxed, but we got a good feel for the town. We'll see you in the next episode where we visit Chile's most iconic national park.

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Trying CHILEAN DISHES (Salmon Ceviche & Corn Pie
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