INDIA: The Sacred City of PUSHKAR

SUBSCRIBE ► - Town of Pushkar, India - a tour. Let's travel to India and let's visit Pushkar which is a town bordering the Thar Desert, in the northeastern Indian state of Rajasthan. It's set on Pushkar Lake, a sacred Hindu site with 52 ghats (stone pools with staircases where pilgrims bathe) and with hundreds of temples. Pushkar is a pilgrimage site for Hindus and Sikhs, most of the temples and ghats in Pushkar are from the 18th century and later, because many temples were destroyed during Muslim conquests in the area.
Pushkar has a magnetism all of its own – it’s quite unlike anywhere else in Rajasthan. It is world famous for its spectacular Camel Fair, which takes place in the Hindu month of Kartika (October/November). If you are anywhere nearby at the time you would be crazy to miss it.
For the rest of the year Pushkar remains a prominent Hindu pilgrimage town, humming with puja (prayers), bells, drums and devotional songs. The town wraps itself around a holy lake featuring 52 bathing ghats and 400 milky-blue temples, including one of the world’s few Brahma temples. The main street is one long bazaar, selling anything to tickle a traveller’s fancy, from hippy-chic tie-dye to didgeridoos. The result is a muddle of religious and tourist scenes. Yet, despite the commercialism, the town remains enchantingly mystic and relaxed.
Pushkar is only 11km from Ajmer, separated from it by rugged Nag Pahar (Snake Mountain).
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