11 Things You Should ALWAYS Bring On Your Cruise

Avoid making these 11 easy to make cruise packing mistakes when you cruise, and always make sure these are packed. Start planning to ensure you do not leave these important, but often overlooked, cruise packing mistakes. I look at 11 key items that I have learnt of the now 81 cruises I have done that are important to pack and take on a cruise. These are packing mistakes that I see and hear people regretting after the event. It is easy to overlook these items as they are not all that obvious. Be ready and avoid these common cruise packing mistakes.

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00:16 3 Obvious Things
01:45 Be Recognised
02:38 Stay In Touch
04:15 Emergency Aid
05:48 Grit Your Teeth
06:45 Backing Up
07:33 See Clearly Now
08:40 Be Adaptive
10:07 Dressed Up
11:18 Heading Out
12:00 Good Night All
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