Mongolian Ground Beef in 15 Minutes

Our Mongolian ground beef is delicious, fast, and easy. The dish only involves a few simple ingredients and is as simple as frying the ground beef, pouring the sauce over, adding some green onions, and thickening with some corn starch. Follow these simple steps and presto, you have Mongolian ground beef in 15 minutes.

As always, you can add your personal touch to the recipe by altering the ingredients to some extent. For example, if you like ginger, add a bit more; if you like garlic, add extra. The list goes on.

Watch the video, and give our Mongolian ground beef a try. As always, drop us a line and let us know what you think.

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Video Chapters:

0:00 Introduction
0:34 Making the sauce
1:00 Frying the beef
1:28 Adding the garlic and ginger
1:46 Mixing the sauce in
2:15 The final touches
2:43 Plating
3:01 The outcome
3:10 The taste test
4:00 Conclusion


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