MELBOURNE: Awesome Fashion Exhibit

SUBSCRIBE ► - Fashion show, Melbourne - National Gallery of Victoria. Let's visit The National Gallery of Victoria (or, NGV) which is an art museum in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Founded in 1861, it is Australia's oldest, largest and most visited art museum.
We are going to view NGV's free new exhibition which showcases more than 65 outfits by Rei Kawakubo, the creative force behind Comme des Garçons – one of the world's most groundbreaking fashion labels.
It's safe to say Rei Kawakubo is up there among the fashion world's most influential designers. Kawakubu's selection of best works is being brought together for Australia's first exhibition dedicated to Comme des Garçons, on show at NGV International.
Visitors to Collecting Comme will have the chance to get up close and personal with Kawakubo's visionary outfits, in a roll-call of highlights plucked from over 40 different collections. It's an impressive haul of groundbreaking fashion, with many pieces donated by collector Takamasa Takahashi and others on loan from his personal collection.
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