Peruvian Fast Food Review - The Best Peruvian Sandwiches at La lucha Sanguchería in Lima, Peru

Join us for another Peruvian fast food review as we eat the best Peruvian Sandwiches in Lima, Peru at La Lucha Sanguchería Criolla. We first visited this place a few years ago in Lima, Peru and it quickly became one of our favorite restaurants in Lima. This time around we visited a different branch that was closer to our apartment in Lima located on Larco avenue. All in all we ended up ordering 3 different Peruvian sandwiches, two drinks and a giant set of fries to share:

1) Lucuma cremosa (Lucuma milkshake like drink)
2) Chicha de la Lucha (Chicha Morada purple corn drink)
3) Pan con Chicharrón (Peruvian pork roll sandwich with sweet potato and red onions)
4) Pollo a la leña (Chicken and onion sandwich with a special sauce)
5) Lomo Fino (Beef sandwich with edam cheese)
6) Fries (Peruvian fries from Huayro with aji sauce)

Restaurant in Lima, Peru location and information:

La Lucha Sanguchería Criolla
Peruvian Fast Food Restaurant
Address: Av Jose Larco 999, Miraflores 15074, Peru
Hours: Sunday to Thursday 8a.m.–12a.m.
Friday and Saturday 8a.m.–2a.m.

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Peruvian Fast Food Review - The Best Peruvian Sandwiches at La lucha Sanguchería Criolla in Lima, Peru Video Transcript:

it is lunchtime here in Lima. Yep. And today we are going to take you to La Lucha Sanguchería Criolla. We've been here before. We have but different location. We've been noticing there is more branches around Lima. And so we're going to be visiting a location we've never been to before. Ordering a whole bunch of sandwiches and maybe some fries and good drinks.

Sam and I have gotten three different sandwiches, two drinks and some special fries so it is quite a bit of food. We've just placed the order. They gave us a number. They are going to call us up.

Drinks have arrived. I ended up getting uh Lucuma cremosa. Yes. Which is basically a bit like a lucuma milkshake.

This is my drink right here. I got La Lucha Chicha de la Lucha. And apparently this is a special recipe. It is the restaurant's own creation. Oh wow. So it has a few secret ingredients obviously not listed on the menu but let's try it. I know the main ingredient is purple corn like in Chicha Morada.

We're going to start with the classic. The chicharron. I'm just going to grab my half. Oh look at that. I like that they've cut them in half for us. So this is perfect for chaving. Beautiful! For sharing!

For sharing. They must have known we like to share. So chicharron this is the crispy pork. This is really good. And it comes with camote which is sweet potatoes and you also have your red onions. That is right. We'll see if there is anything else in there. Oh and maybe cilantro.

Time for the second sandwich. Yeah, it sure is. This one is pollo a la leña. It is basically you've got your chicken, you've got your onions and you've got your bread. So yeah and I'm going to dip it into the aji sauce. The spicy sauce.

And a la leña it basically means that it has been cooked on a wood burning fire.

Moving on to the third and final sandwich. The third sandwich. Let me read this one off of the menu. This one is lomo fino.With eram edam cheese and caramelized onions. So what is that basically in English?

Oh my gosh edam cheese. I don't know. But check that out. That is super cheesy. Lomo is beef.

Aside from sandwiches let's not forget we ordered fries. Alright so I'm going to dig into the fries. I'm going to try two. Different sauces. One in ketchup one dunked in aji.

They are Papas Fritas Huayro Las Mejores de Peru. Apparently these are the best potatoes. Wow. In Peru.

Anyways in terms of price point that came to 73 Soles which was $22 US dollars. That was total so basically $11 US dollars per person.

This is part of our Travel in Peru video series showcasing Peruvian food, Peruvian culture and Peruvian cuisine.

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