Ep 174 – Startup Founder Millionaire to Digital Nomad in Bali

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Brian David Crane is a startup founder, a digital nomad, an entrepreneur, and a traveler. He is the founder of CallerSmart, an app that helps users trace unknown phone numbers right on their smart phones. He has written an article on Forbes about the Downsides of Digital Nomad and How to launch your Business in Google.

On this episode, Brian opens up about the nomadic life. He tells his journey into becoming a digital entrepreneur. He gives tips and advices for all the digital nomads and nomad-wannabe. This is an inspiring conversation about the work and life away from home. Before you book a one-way flight, make sure you listened to this episode.

Full Show Notes - http://www.travellikeabosspodcast.com/episodes/ep-174-startup-founder-millionaire-to-digital-nomad-in-bali

Callersmart.com - https://www.callersmart.com/
Briandavidcrane.com - http://www.briandavidcrane.com/

Facebook.com/briandavidcrane - https://www.facebook.com/briandavidcrane
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Twitter.com/briandavidcrane - https://twitter.com/briandavidcrane

Ep 105 – Millionaire Digital Nomad with Sam Marks - http://www.travellikeabosspodcast.com/episodes/ep-105-millionaire-digital-nomad-with-sam-marks

Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search - https://www.tripstreak.com/travellikeaboss

Time stamps:
2:09 – The first million
4:35 – Going back on savings
7:25 – Working as a Nomad
10:00 – Digital Nomad in Chang Mai vs. Bali
12:26 – Coworking spaces
15:24 – Work-Life balance in Bali
20:58 – How to launch your business on Google
26:57 – Downsides of being a Digital Nomad
32:02 – Becoming a Digital Nomad
38:01 – Taking a vacation or being a Digital Nomad
44:26 – Bali, US, Poland and Hong Kong
53:12 – Mentorship

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