Meet the LECHON DIVA of the Philippines - FILIPINO FOOD Boodle Fight!

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During the Best of Bangkok Food Tour with The Hungry Tourist (, Puppup (, and Mark Wiens (myself), one of the main events was the incredible lechon and entire Filipino food boodle fight (feast) prepared by Dedet, known as the Lechon Diva.

Lechon is a Filipino delicacy, roast pig, and the golden skin will blow your taste buds with crunchiness and flavor.

Lechon Diva is legendary in the Philippines, and throughout the world for cooking one of the best versions, and a gourmet version of Filipino lechon. This is no ordinary lechon, her lechon is stuffed with truffle rice. I arrived early in order to see the process as they set the table - 4 pigs, 26 kilos of rice, and a never ending supply of crabs, oxtail, and vegetables - really an ultimate Filipino boodle fight.

The lechon was unbelievably delicious, the combination of the skin, the oozy truffle rice, and the meat.

We had an amazing time experiencing a Filipino food tradition - boodle fight - and one of the best lechon’s you’ll find in the world.

Thank you again to Lechon Diva and team for an outstanding lechon boodle fight experience.

Thank you to David - The Hungry Tourist - for organizing.

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