Our First Day in Japan! Visiting Osaka First Impressions

Come join us for an exciting first day in Japan where we visit Osaka and share our first impressions of what it is like to be exploring, eating and visiting landmarks in the city. We've been dying to visit Japan for years and even though we were fighting fierce jetlag we still made the most of first day in Osaka by wandering in our local neighborhood, going out for food in Japanese restaurants and convenience stores, taking the metro, shopping for groceries and checking out Osaka Castle. Some of our first impressions of Japan are as follows:

1) Japan so far hasn't been as expensive as we thought it would be. Taking the metro, going out for a budget meals in Japanese restaurants and Japan convenience stores and grocery shopping in Japan have so far been friendly on our wallet.

2) Osaka hasn't been as crowded or hectic as we thought it would be even as one of the biggest cities in Japan.

3) Japanese people ride their bicycles as a main mode of transportation and on sidewalks so it is important as a pedestrian to keep an eye out for that.

4) For a big city Osaka isn't noisy.

Have you been to Japan before? What were you first impressions of Japan? Tell us what you first day in Japan was like in the comments section below.

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Our First Day in Japan! Visiting Osaka First Impressions Video Transcript:

Good morning guys from Japan. From Japan. So this is our first full day here. We arrived last night absolutely knackered. Jet lagged. So we ended up sleeping in. Like we had two different sleeps. Like we woke up in the middle of the night we were on our computers and now we needed a second sleep and now it is like almost 10 am. Ten thirty? I think it is 10 in the morning. Yeah. So we're like a little bit confused. A little bit dazed but we figured let's go get some food. This is going to be brunch I guess. Brunch. And the plan today is to just wander around. Yeah. See what Osaka is all about. Basically this is going to be our first impressions of Japan. First impressions of Japan. Our first full day here in Japan. There we go. Super excited. Let's get it started. Food!

Continuing with first impressions we've made it to the park. What is a it called? Osaka Castle Park. Osaka Castle Business Park that is where we got off. That is where it is. Something we've noticed is that it is very quiet here. Not just in the park but the city in general. We noticed there is very little noise pollution. Yeah. Like even when people are out and about no one is being rowdy. Everyone is just soft spoken and there is a sense of tranquility even though we're in a big city. Yeah that is really true. I don't know why I was expecting it to be more busy and crowded. But it has been kind of a nice surprise so far. I mean we are heading to Tokyo soon and I'm sure we'll get our dose of that. Our impressions may change. It will definitely be more crowded there. So far it has been quieter. I've also noticed um like I don't think we are experiencing as much culture shock as someone who has never been to Asia before would in Japan. Yes. Because we have spent considerable time in Korea and Taiwan, Hong Kong. I've been to Shanghai. So there is definitely some similarities.

We're going to call it a day. How about your first impressions in Japan? First impressions. It has been good. It has been an exciting day. It has. I can't believe we still have two months ahead of us here in Japan. I think like considering it was our first day in Japan. I think we saw and did quite a bit. We had some nice food. We walked around our neighborhood. It was just a great start to our trip. And we are excited to do a whole lot more. So stay tuned. There is going to be a tonne of food and travel videos from Japan.

This is part of our Travel in Japan video series showcasing Japanese food, Japanese culture and Japanese cuisine.

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