Italian Language Skills - Hellos and Goodbyes

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Teacher and tour guide Trish Feaster has designed this Italian language class just for travelers — with exactly what you need to know for practical, smooth travels in Italy. You'll learn how to pronounce Italian words, master some key phrases every traveler should know, and better understand how Italy's language is tied to its culture.

Planning a trip to Italy? You’ll find lots of free travel information at And for more help hurdling the language barrier, pick up a copy of the Rick Steves Italian Phrase Book & Dictionary at

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Recorded on March 17, 2018 • Rick Steves' Europe Travel Center

Written and Presented by Trish Feaster
Produced by Cameron Hewitt
Filmed and Edited by Zen Wolfang
Second Camera by Ariana David
Graphics by Heather Locke and Rhonda Pelikan

© 2018 Rick Steves' Europe, Inc.

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