Food in Sri Lanka - BEST COCONUT CHILI SAMBAL in Sigiriya, Sri Lanka!

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SIGIRIYA, SRI LANKA - This was an amazing day in Sri Lanka - we first began the day hiking to Sigiriya, a massive rock formation with a fortress at the top. Afterwards we continued to a family home who prepared us an outstanding Sri Lankan food meal - one of the best of the trip.

We started the hike early in the morning, and already it was getting buy. But immediately as you arrive, you’ll feel a mystic auro to the rock and the entire site. The fortress and palace at the top of the rock was created and developed by King Kasyapa (477 – 495 CE). The mystery is that when he passed away, the empire collapsed and no one really knows what happened. Entrance ticket - $30 USD, a little expensive, but worth it, and a very cool experience.

After we got down from the rock we then drove over to a Sri Lankan village where we met our host family and they had already started cooking an amazing home cooked meal, all in clay pots. One of the highlight dishes was deer meat, both dried and a fresh, cooked in a loads of different Sri Lankan spices. The food was incredible.

Kotchi sambal - But probably my favorite part of the entire meal was watching her make kotchi sambal from scratch - a combination of fresh shredded mature coconut ground with chilies and onions, and a squeeze of lime juice. It was outstanding, and was so good I could have eaten it as a main dish rather than just a garnish side.

It was an amazing day of Sri Lankan food and travel in Sigiriya!

Thank you to everyone who generously hosted me in Sigiriya, for the delicious food, and to Ruzaina for arranging everything. Go check out her videos:

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